My Favourite Photos Captured in November

Lighting storm passes out to sea

There are many things that make me feel like summer has started and none of them involve seeing that the date is 1 December. Many are obvious like te first ball of cricket and being able to wear a t shirt all night, but the one a like the most is the afternoon thunderstorm. There is nothing like seeing the dark blue clouds moving towards you meaning that relief from the heat will be there soon. Even better you get a light show too! 

November was busy with work, but not the type with the camera in hand. It was also hard to find time to get out and shoot. Just a bit here and there but I would have liked to do more. I have some projects in mind, now i just have to do them.

Really the only time I really made time to go out and shoot and I mean really shoot was super moon night. If you missed the results they are in the previous blog post. I know a lot of people liked the headphones but I really like the fire, there is something so primal and eternal of a group of people around a fire who were there to see the full moon.

Dancing to the Super Moon