A Group and Solo Gallary Opening

10x8 Gallery

It is not too often that you can go a grand opening, yet one that starts of with such a bang. Just take a look at whose work was hanging from the walls Alexia Sinclair, Andrew Quilty, Donna Baily, Marco BokRaul CanibanoRennie Ellis, Stephen DupontJames Brickwood, and William Yang all had at least one piece up on the walls. 

10x8 gallery is located on the 5th floor of a building in Foster street, just around the corner from central and well worth a visit.

Salerno Gallery

There latest photography exhibition is 'Behind the scenes: The Australian Ballet on the International Stage' by Lisa Tomasetti. I often quip that 'you cannot take a bad photograph of a Ballet dancer, with all their grace, power and athleticism' of course this is not true, but it must be close to it!

When one thinks about photography and Ballet dancers many photos go through your head most of which would be black and white set on a stage or in a photo studio with the dancer looking extremely graceful. That is not totally the case here, while the grace still shines through the rest is replaced with urban areas the company has taken their shows.

The photographs them selves are relaxed, they don't seek the technical perfection of an advertising campaigning but allow the location to be as key ingredient to the shot as the dancers. There is a shot on the Brooklyn bridge where you can see the tourest pulling out their cameras to grab a shot!

If you are anywhere near Glebe Point road sometime soon it would be well worth the look, there are a couple I would love to have on my wall, I am still waiting for that lotto win though.