New Years Eve 2019

Impromptu dance party in the early hours of 2019. It was broken up by 6 police officers on foot and 2 mounted officers shortly after this shot.

We humans are creatures of habit, we take the same path to the train station. One of my habits is I take photos of the same event year after year. The main ones are Boxing Day, NYE, Australia Day, and Mardi Gras.

They are such major dates in the Sydney calendar and have been so well covered what can I add?

I am trying to work out an answer but all I can say is that I need to add to those habits and break out of others. Yes this is a sneaky way for me to list out some new years resolutions.

  • I need to take pictures every day. It means that I need to find a way to make it happen, to incorporate it into my work/life balance.

  • I need to spend some time writing to sort out my thoughts on photography.

Enough of that, enjoy what I saw on New Years Eve and I wish you well for 2019.