Halloween Sydney Style

Helloween_Street_Photography_D810_untitled shoot-14829.jpg

While I was growing up Halloween was a none event. I think one year two poor kids climbed up the 50m from street level to trick or treat and the only thing that Mum could give them was an apple each.

Over the past 5 years it has been changing as my generation, being indoctrinated by american TV shows growing up, are more willing to take their kids out trick or treating. It is not just the kids that are celebrating, us Aussies use any excuse for a party. Especially if you can get dressed up, something that I find more of a hassle that enjoyable.

This year I hit the Street of the Sydney CBD till 3am Friday and Saturday nights (the downside to Halloween falling on a Tuesday) to see what everyone was dressing up as for their Halloween parties.