Running into 2017

Running towards the first rays of 2017

I am in a daze that I know well know as it comes after not getting a wink on New Years Eve. While most peoples will be alcohol or drug related mine is just from shooting almost constantly for over 12 hours and not taking enough time to sit down to take the weight off my feet.

I wondered out into the grey light of the final day of 2016 in Coogee before heading into the city to see the early crowds which had gathered for the Harbour fireworks. The light somber all day much like how we will recall the year. It was then back to Coogee under the cover of darkness for the 9pm family fireworks on the beach. then off to a friends place in Marrickville to play spyforce, talk politics, theatre and of course ring in the new year. Then it was off to Bondi after a little debate over where would be the best place to be photographically speaking. I think I won.