Stills from Sprit Harbour

My first steps onto a film set were nervous ones, where can I stand out of the way? What if I make a nose and get kicked off the set like see on tv. Lucky I did not get kicked off the set, but there is an art to finding a spot to stand! As the only person on the set that is not helping to make the actual film your real estate is rather limited.

As the day progressed I started feeling more comfortable and started to get a feel how the set flowed, only finding time to work with the actors just after takes and before the lights were struck. I never did find a great place to stand, well at least not one the first AD would let me stay in.

The film is an interesting one that involves ghosts who decided not to pass on and who need counselling. I wont say too much, I would hate to give the plot away. The short film was directed by Madeleine Parker, with Chris Haywood who playing Cyril, Michelle Collins playing Madonna and Ben Borgia playing their son.