2013: The year of two Tropfests

With friends at Tropfest Feb 2013

Jorja C. Brain in Atheist Guide to the Galaxy

One of the greatest thrills of this years tropfest was seeing Georgia C Brains she acted in and produced along with another estimated 90,000 people. If you missed it you can see her film Monobrow here.

Unfortunately did not place in the top three, but making the finals is amazing. First place went to We've All Been There, a rather sweet shot film, Second place went to Better then Sinatra which was shot in an afternoon. It also won the new prize for best character in a documentary, for more info see here. Third place went to a animated short film titled Punctured 

The biggest bomb shell of the night was the announcement that the date of Tropfest will be moving from February to December so the dead line will be some time around the start of November. The Tropfest Signature item for later this year will be 'change'. It is rather open ended and I am assuming most people will go down the path of spare change/money. The first ideas that come to mind are

  • Follow the life of a coin, maybe it is cursed.
  • An important decision based upon a coin toss
  • A documentary on the life of a Busker/Beggar
  • First day as a check out chick (cashier)
  • A kid earning money for his piggy bank
  • A first date that goes wrong when they fight over leaving a tip

If you happen to use one of these ideas, give me a credit and maybe let me on set to take some shots.