A First Street Slide Night

Out in the back lane of a small Sydney Pub, The Clare Hotel, around 30-40 street photographers gathered to share and discuss some recent photographs they have made. It was a gather of different groups of street photographers from, flickr, Facebook, Instagram, the SMH photo department, Mobile Photography group, all coming together for the sake of Street Photography.

The organisers Nick Moir and Oliver Lang

The event was oganised by Nick Moir and Oliver Lang who are both active Sydney Photographers. Nick works for Fiarfax media is a member of Oculi and specializes in photographing Weather. Oliver is a member of the Mobile Photography group and you can find him on the Sydney streets most afternoons (if the light is good) with an iphone in hand and a think tank bag slung over a shoulder with an X-Pro-1 hidden inside.

The only rule for the night was it could only be photographs that you had taken in the week prior to the event so every one could be showing their recent work and you were limited to three images.

It was a great night and one which will be repeated, if you are interested and don’t want to miss out be sure to follow @nampix and @oggise on either intergram or twitter.

If you are curious about what I showed on the night then here they are.