Rhubarb: Fun being an extra

Last week I was asked (given a guilt trip) by my friend Alastair Wharton to be an extra in a web series called in-transit that he is directing.

Having never been an extra before is was quite the experience, I had no idea that for sound reasons that extras are asked to mime talk during the take. It is only later they they will record the backgound sound track. This is where Rhubarb comes into it, apparently the way your lips move while saying rhubarb it appears like any word so it was suggested just to say that. If you are a lip readers out there able to verify?

I ended up being an extra in two scences both of which invole my back, I must have broad shoulders. To start with I was leaning by a door frame chatting up a girl (not my natural state). The next scence I found my self sitting alone at the bar with a beer in hand (much more my style) with my back to the camera.

As I was not the set photographer I did not pull out the camera and just settled for the ipod. Here is my view from the bar where I was drinking my dry ginger ale predening it was a beer.

photo (87).JPG