Roll 4: A Lack of Red Filtration

Contact Sheet 4

Here I was shooting Kodak Tri-X with EI400 developed in Rodinal 1:50 for 12:30sec at 21C with agitation for the first minute and then for 10 seconds every minute afterwards. I used water as a stop bath, Kodak Rapid fixer for 5 minutes and finally Hypo Clear for 2 minutes before the final water wash.

The reasons that I gave this post a sub heading of A lack of red filtration is if you look at the second half of the roll I was shooting out doors and blowing almost all the detail in the sky. If I had been smart and added a orange or red filer I would have held a little bit more detail, even if the sky was over cast. This is something I will dedicate a post too, but for now check out the following web page on using coloured filters with black & white film.

'Hippy Tunnel' Music

Before taking this shot I had seen her a couple of times as I was making my way to Central station late in the evening, she has quite a voice that fills the tunnel.

Here I was trying to capture someone just passing her by, like most of do with these street performers. Getting the timing for this was quite hard as I wanted the blurred subject to be reasonably close to her but still in frame (not as close as I managed to get). Unfortunately as I was hand holding with such a long shutter speed she became blurred as well, next time I will have to use a tripod or some other type of support.

Flower Light Shade

These are the same flowers as you have seen in the earlier proof sheets, however by now they were really starting to droop. Here I am using an extension tube and a Nikkor 135 f3.5 lens to get in nice and close. I am using natural diffused sun light from the glass door of my dining room.

At the time of taking the shot I was not thinking about cropping and rotating the image like I ended up doing.

Designer Layout

I love walking to photo locations as you never know what you might find on your way that will make a good photograph. Here I was heading down the the Rocks in Sydney instead of walking down George street, (which is what I normally do) this evening I decided to walk down on of the parallel streets instead for a fresh look.

As I was keeping an eye out for chances to make photographs I notice this lovely room lucky for me I could take this shot though a glass window while standing on the sidewalk.

Harbour Bridge and Fig Tree

This is rather popular place for wedding photographers on the weekends. I happened to be there for the sunset on a weekday and had the park all to my photographic self, there were still couple on benches and women walking their dogs but I was the only one with a tripod.

This is the classic shot of the harbour bridge from this location where you would use the fig tress to frame your subject, here I included the bench as well but I did not do a good job of separating it from that ugly building (and the one poking out of the trunk) in the background.

Abondend Palisade

For every one who lives in a city there are still many new places to explore and this is one such place for me. This is the start of a little pocket of Milsons Point that is tucked away from the rest of the city though this will probably change after the redevelopment is put in. There is something that draws me to this location, it is this lonely old style of pub that sits lifeless or something else? If you look around sydney you will find that there are many other such pubs sitting there lifeless. (link to article)

This was quite a difficult shot and I still don't think that I got it right. I was using a PC lens to try and keep the verticals straight which I almost got right there is still some distortion. The sky has lost detail for two reasons the sun was in front of me (but not directly in frame) and secondly it was a rather gloomy day. I have since learnt that if I had used a red filter I might have been able to get a bit more cloud detail. (A topic for a future post)